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You must:

  • Be a citizen of the United States
  • Be a resident of Minnesota for 20 days before the next election
  • Be 18 years old by election day
  • Not be convicted of treason or a felony; or have had your civil rights restored
  • Not be under guardianship of the person or found legally incompetent
  • No ID required at this time
  • NO Early Voting

Registration Deadline: You may register to vote by mail or in-person at your county courthouse (at least 20 days before the election to appear on the roster) or you may register at your polling place on election day.

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Two Somali Immigrants Charged with Double Voting in Minnesota

Minnesotans Will Decide Voter ID in November

Opinion: Clueless in Minnesota and Michigan

Minnesota Supreme Court Hears Challenge to Ballot Measure

Minnesota SOS Refuses to Defend Proposed ID Amendment

ACLU Petitions Court to Stop Vote on Minnesota Photo ID Amendment

Minnesota Common Cause, ACLU Vow to Stop Photo ID Amendment

News & Commentary

Voter Fraud in the U.S.: Documented | 02/02/16

Refuting the contention that vote fraud is rare, a compilation by Discoverthenetworks.org of thousands of incidences of vote fraud shows why voter photo ID laws are needed now more than ever.

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Don't Believe Voter Fraud Happens? Here Are More Examples | 05/26/15

By Hans von Spakovsky

In the interest of helping out the editorial writers and pundits of media outlets who don't think voter fraud occurs, I wanted to note just a few recent cases (and readers interested in seeing almost 200 more such cases can do so here.):

In McAllen, Texas, two campaign workers (known as politiqueras in local parlance) who bribed voters with cocaine, beer, cigarettes and cash during a 2012 school board election have been sentenced separately to serve eight and four months in prison, respectively. U.S. District Court Judge Randy Crane called this election fraud "terrible" and said that "our country requires that our voting process be clear and free of fraud for democracy to work... it's dangerous for this to occur without consequence."

A couple in Le Sueur, Minn., was charged with felony voter registration fraud for lying about where they lived so they could vote in a school bond referendum in another town.

A woman in Dothan, Ala., was sentenced to six months in prison for her part in a voter fraud scheme that got a city commissioner re-elected. She was the second of the four people charged to have been found guilty of voter fraud in the case, which may have involved more than 100 absentee ballots.

Read more of ACRU Policy Board member Hans von Spakovsky's column.

Dems Push for Same-Day Voting | 05/04/15

Sens. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) and Jon Tester (D-Mont.) want every state to offer same-day voter registration for federal elections.

The Democratic senators have reintroduced the Same Day Registration Act, which would require states to allow voters to register on the day of an election.

Ten states, plus the District of Columbia, currently allow eligible voters to do so, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. In addition, the group notes that Illinois is expected to implement statewide same-day voter registration later this year.

Advocates argue it can help increase voter turnout, while opponents say it increases the chances for voting fraud.

Klobuchar said the legislation would help "foster" the right to vote.

"The right to vote is the foundation of our democracy," she said in a statement. "We should be doing everything we can to foster this right."

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Two Somali Immigrants Charged with Double Voting in Minnesota | 08/28/13

About 50 men and women packed a Rice County courtroom on August 27 as two Somali women pleaded not guilty to charges of voter fraud stemming from the general election last November.

Farhiya Abdi Dool, 38, and Amina A Hassan, 31, each face one felony charge of unlawful voting for voting once by absentee ballot and once at a polling place during the 2012 general election. Each woman faces five years in prison and a $10,000 fine for the offense.

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How to Neutralize the Left's Anti-Voter ID Campaign | 02/01/13

Opinion by the Washington Examiner's Sean Higgins:  In describing how Minnesota liberals were able to defeat a voter ID ballot proposal last year that initially appeared to be able to pass, Patrick Caldwell highlights the arguments that appeared to win the day -- arguments which voter ID advocates ought to be able to knock down next time if they make the effort.

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Minnesotans Will Decide Voter ID in November | 08/28/12

The Minnesota Supreme Court decided Monday that a referendum approved by the state legislature to amend the state constitution to require voter ID will also be on the ballot in November. The League of Women Voters had tried to convince the court that the people of Minnesota should not be allowed to decide this issue.

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ACRU's Meese, Blackwell, Carleson Urge Governors to Rethink Voter ID Law Vetoes | 07/26/12

Letter Calls "Suppress the Minority Vote" Allegations "Utter Nonsense"

JULY 25, 2012 -- The American Civil Rights Union today is sending letters to four of five governors who vetoed legislation requiring photo voter IDs in order to deter vote fraud. A fifth letter, to New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch, was discarded after the legislature voted to overturn his veto and the bill became law, subject to Department of Justice approval.

Signed by ACRU policy board members former U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese III, former Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell and ACRU Chairman Susan A. Carleson, the letters were mailed to Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton, Missouri Gov. Jeremiah Nixon, Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer and North Carolina Gov. Beverly Perdue.

In each state, both houses of the legislature had passed photo ID laws, which were vetoed by the governors, all of whom are Democrats.

The letters, which urge the governors to sign any new photo ID legislation, observe that:

"It is a sad commentary that states acting to protect their electoral process through common-sense actions, like requiring a valid photo ID to vote, have been vilified for allegedly attempting to 'suppress the minority vote,' or even 'bring back Jim Crow laws.' That is utter nonsense!

"Securing the integrity of the ballot box is in every American's interest regardless of race, party, or ethnicity. In two federal cases, including a 2008 U.S. Supreme Court ruling upholding Indiana's photo ID law, not a single plaintiff could be found who could plausibly claim inability to obtain a photo ID."

The letter also calls upon "all states to safeguard the integrity of our uniquely American right of self-governance by taking common-sense measures such as:

  • Require a photo ID to vote in person;
  • Require proof of U.S. citizenship when registering to vote;
  • Require signature verification and an acceptable proof of ID when voting by mail.

For more information on vote fraud news, court activity and legislation, see the ACRU's unique Web page www.DefendElectionIntegrity.org.

Click here to download the press release in PDF format.

Opinion: Clueless in Minnesota and Michigan | 07/20/12

ACRU Senior Fellow Robert Knight relates in a Washington Times column how the ACLU is telling the Minnesota Supreme Court that Gopher State voters would not understand a voter ID ballot measure, and in Michigan, Gov. Rick Snyder vetoed three bills tightening voter ID while signing several others.

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Minnesota Supreme Court Hears Challenge to Ballot Measure | 07/18/12

St. Paul -- The battle over the language of the Voter ID amendment went in front of the Minnesota Supreme Court on July 17.

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Minnesota SOS Refuses to Defend Proposed ID Amendment | 06/14/12

Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, a DFLer (Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party) who has campaigned against the photo ID requirement for voting passed by the Republican-controlled Legislature, said Thursday he will not defend the language of the proposed constitutional amendment in a court challenge that names him as the defendant.

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ACLU Petitions Court to Stop Vote on Minnesota Photo ID Amendment | 05/31/12

The American Civil Liberties Union wants the Minnesota Supreme Court to keep a proposed constitutional amendment requiring voters to present photo IDs off the November ballot.

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Minnesota Common Cause, ACLU Vow to Stop Photo ID Amendment | 04/10/12

The Minnesota chapter of Common Cause and the American Civil Liberties Union are preparing a lawsuit against a constitutional amendment ballot measure that would establish a photo ID requirement for voting.

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Photo ID Amendment Goes to Minnesota Voters | 04/04/12

The House and Senate, with Republicans supplying all the "yes" votes, gave final approval to a proposed constitutional amendment that would require voters to show a photo ID, create a new system of "provisional" balloting and end election day "vouching" for voters without proof of residence.

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Minnesota House Passes Voter ID Law | 03/21/12

After 9 hours of debate, the Minnesota House of Representatives passed the voter ID bill by a 72-62 vote. All Republicans voted for the bill and all Democrats voted against the bill.

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The Left's War on Vote Fraud Reform | 01/16/12

This column by ACRU Senior Fellow Robert Knight was published January 16, 2012 on The American Thinker website.

Pretty soon, the right to cast a meaningful vote might be just a memory.

The issue at hand is ensuring that American citizens can exercise the most fundamental civil right of being an American -- casting a vote with the assurance that it will count and not be canceled by an illegitimate vote.

The ACLU has filed three lawsuits seeking to overturn a new Florida law that tightens the integrity of the ballot box, while the Obama Justice Department has scotched South Carolina's new photo ID law. It's part of a nationwide campaign by the left to overturn numerous recently enacted laws designed to defeat vote fraud.

The ACLU claims that the Florida law, enacted by the Republican-controlled legislature and signed by Republican Gov. Rick Scott, will suppress participation by minority, young, and elderly voters.

Actually, the new rules adopted by Florida, South Carolina, and other states are aimed at Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Elmer Fudd, who work out of former ACORN offices and whose names turn up on registration rolls and recall petitions.

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Playing the Race Card before Election Day | 12/16/11

This column by ACRU Senior Fellow Robert Knight was published December 16, 2011 in The Washington Times.

Is it racist to require people to show a photo ID when they vote? You need a photo ID for nearly any meaningful transaction, such as cashing checks, including government checks. If this simple requirement "suppresses" the vote, maybe we need to ask why it's such a great idea to push for universal suffrage for every adult who is merely breathing.

Of course, even this latter requirement would suppress the vote in Chicago and New Orleans, where dead people get to vote all the time - and do so cheerfully.

In a speech Tuesday at the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum in Austin, Texas, Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. warned that recent state reforms, such as requiring photo IDs, might repress the minority vote. He said the Justice Department was reviewing photo ID laws just enacted in Texas and South Carolina and early-voting procedures in Florida.

The overall implication of his otherwise elegant speech commemorating passage of the 1965 Voting Rights Act is that tightening voter requirements is more of a threat to the integrity of the system than vote fraud.

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How Unions or Their Allies Could be Stealing November's Election Right Now | 10/07/10

"Here is a prediction: Across the country, there will be races that some candidates will lose even though poll numbers, right now, indicate otherwise.

As you read this, at present, you should know that there are only seemingly disconnected anecdotal dots that are starting to connect. However, if the dots do fully connect, we may not know until well after the November 2nd election if, in fact, America's democratic election process will have become the victim of the biggest fraud in our nation's history. What's worse, with early voting beginning this week in many states, it may already be too late to do anything about it."

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